Rocking Patio

Comfortable, secure, stable, easy acces
Accessible to wheelchairs
Specially made for Assisted Living/Senior Citizen Homes, etc.
Weather resistant for year-round use
4 benches, aluminium frame and resist slats seats 8 people. Benches flips to accomodate 4 wheelchairs
Patio deck provides gliding action on reinforce aluminium wheels.
Our easily manipulated Handbrake Safety System activates gliding motion and also stops movement instantly.
Our adapted Rocking Patio is an exceptional garden accessory. Effectively, acces is made easy for wheelchairs. A patended mechanism, connected to an easy operating lever, allow complete immobilization of the patio while entering and living it. Just put the brake on. When this is done, one person, even in energy deficiency, can operate it, on and off. A simple slight push on this lever rock the patio.
Adapted for persons with fragile stability
The Libellule (PDF)
Marguerite, Sociable, Intime, Prunelle (PDF)
To facilitate embarkation, a metal ramp prevent feet from hurting directly the low frame patio and help this way person with reduced mobility to glide her foot on the platform.
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