The Intimate is a set comprising two (2) chairs with self-locking mechanism that are fixed face-to-face.

The independent rocking of each chairs of our models does not require the complete stop of movement for individuals who rock together when one of them gets up to leave or to sit.

  • The chair oscillates only when the person sits
  • No sudden movement when the mechanism is triggered
  • The rocking automatically locks as soon as there is no more weight on the seat
  • It provides security for people with a fragile balance and facilitates the transfer to and from a wheelchair to the rocking chair
  • A strong central grab bar provides remarkable help to enter and exit.
  • A small metal threshold prevents the feet from colliding directly with the frame of the swing.
  • Versatile, thanks to an anchoring system that allows to remove the chairs for winter to be used inside as 2 Marguerite(s) and put them back on their base when the warm weather returns.